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Useful information for the use of the search engine.

It is suggested that prior to any new search the bottom „clear“ is used.

First selection to be made is for the type of ship you wish to search for. It’s possible to select only one but also several types of ships.

If you search for a vessel e.g., “able to carry a certain amount of containers”, you can select “all types of ships able to carry containers” which could be single- or tweendecker but may also be RoRo or RoLo types or any other type.

Next selection should be made on size with either a min. or max. deadweight (tdw) or a length (LoA) or any other feature required and offered for selection. There is no need to select any of the items put under „size“ but it would help to narrow down results. One can make a selection as to the age of the unit as well as some options on certain features of the ships. As before one has one or several choices.

In respect to the option to put a minimum or maximum price, please bear in mind that not all units have a price tag and if a price is mentioned it did exist on a certain date and may meanwhile have changed. There is also an option to show only ships with a price or those without one.

One can make a choice to select or exclude certain countries of built or areas, if the country where the ship has been built is an important issue. Once a unit for sale has been entered it will remain there for up to two years or until information is received that the ship has been sold or is for some other reason no longer available.

With the number of ships entered it is impossible to keep track of every single unit and therefore there is an option to list only those items which have been entered or updated during the last 30 days or last three months or any of the other period offered as an option.

If you look for a particular ship, you may enter the name of the ship to see whether she has been entered.

The option keywords can help on selecting certain features like “ships with a bowthruster” or “dynamic positioning” or a few other features. A selection on keywords is offered.

There is a click option “reported sales” – if this option is used, the results will only be ships already sold. Selections can be made that mirror those for a normal search – if one is using the “reported sales option” in combination with the option “30 days in respect of entry” or “update”, the result is a fixture report of sales reported during the last 30 days. The option on types will also work here but most reported sales concern Bulkcarriers, Tankers and Container vessels.

Any information leading to a more accurate result is very welcome, as are questions or suggestions that should be emailed to: sandp@bulkbroker.de